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Form Processing Services
Tripcony Consulting is now offering hosted form processing services .

Our Form Processing solutions can be used to process surveys, order forms, registration forms, reservation forms, sweepstakes, contact forms and anything else where you need to gather customer feedback.

Affordable Content Management Solutions Using ASP, MS ACCESS and SQL SERVER
Shane Tripcony, founder of Tripcony Consulting, finds that managing the many websites for the state's only academic medical center can be a daunting task. The public web of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) currently hosts 200+ different department, program, division, service and function-based websites. There are over 200 web authors and thousands of pages.

Using traditional web page creation methods, maintaining quality and consistency is always an issue. We needed a system that allowed users to build pages quickly and consistently but did not require a lot of training time or expense.

After working with a team to review and evaluate a number of different options, they decided on a content management solution that met the needs of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) in terms of budget and functionality.

We were building a number of news pages every week and posting links to multiple locations. Our CMS allowed us to post a story once and it would link to as many locations as we wanted, and all could maintain individual site designs, if needed. This system offered us a time savings of 75-80% of our production time. We were creating pages four to five times faster than by traditional methods, and with fewer mistakes and greater consistency of design and layout.

We found a solution that is working well for the UAMS campus. It is a solution that can be hosted on a webserver that processes ASP web pages. It comes complete with an Access database or can be configured to run in higher volume environments on SQL Server 7 or SQL 2000.

Now, after months of testing and evaluating different hosting services, Tripcony Consulting offers fast, affordable webhosting packages that are designed to accommodate an ASP and SQL-based content management system. If you are interested in a web-based content management system running in an ASP/Access or ASP/SQL environment, contact Tripcony Consulting for more information.




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