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Now Offering Form Processing Services
Tripcony Consulting is now offering form processing services on a hosted basis. You have full access to set the email address for the form's data as well as the ability to collect the data in an online database. Since this is a hosted solution, it means you can access the data from anywhere you or your staff can access the Internet. This is the perfect solution for businesses wishing to share data from one office to another or office with an external sales force.

Web-based Content Management Solutions Speed Web Page Creation
Managing a large number of websites can be a daunting task. With multiple web authors and hundreds or thousands of pages, maintaining quality and consistency is always an issue when using traditional web page creation methods. You need a system that allows users to build pages quickly and consistently without requiring a lot of training time or expense.

If you are building a number of news pages every week and posting links to multiple locations, many CMS applications allow you to post a story once and it will link to as many locations as desired, and all could maintain individual site designs, if needed. Such a system can offer a time savings of 75-80% of production time. You will find that you can create pages four to five times faster than by traditional methods, and with fewer mistakes and greater consistency of design and layout.

We have found an efficient and easy-to-use news-based solution that can be hosted on a webhost that processes ASP web pages. It comes complete with an Access database or can be configured to run in higher volume environments on SQL Server 7 or SQL 2000. If you are interested in a web-based content management system running in an ASP/Access or ASP/SQL environment, contact Tripcony Consulting for more information.

Google Adwords Brings Web Traffic Results Immediately
If you have a budget for web advertising, you might want to consider Google Adwords. Google is commanding a lion's share of the web search traffic and offers text advertising where you select the keywords you want to target. You can choose keywords to show nationally or regionally. You can even choose to go international. Your company can be realizing new, Google generated traffic in minutes. If you are looking for new branding opportunities and "bang for your buck" advertising, this is it.

Contact Tripcony Consulting to set up an ongoing Google Adwords maintenance account. Our special search techniques can help locate the terms you should be targeting, and we can manage the account for you.

Increasing Link Popularity for the Search Engines
Interested in enhancing your link popularity for your website? Check out our partner website, Instantlink popularity.com. They offer text link ads and text link brokerage services. Contact the text link brokers and let them help you monetize your website.




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