About Us

Tripcony Computer Consulting has been providing quality business and technology consulting services since our founding in 2000. It is our mission to provide help to others by offering the best in business and technology consulting to individuals and small to mid-size businesses. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to listen to our client and always deliver more than expected.

Company Founder
Shane Tripcony, MBA, has served as Tripcony Consulting President since 2000. He manages day to day operations and provides consulting services for the company.

Our View
Well, it looks like computers are here to stay. In today's society, there seems to be no getting around that fact. And, as long as there are computers, there will be a need for people to work on and with them. That is where we come in. Over the past eight years, I have been working in the technology arena, and along the way have met some great people. Some of these people work with me as freelance consultants and others are involved with larger organizations that can provide more manpower muscle for larger projects.

I started consulting with a mission to help people find solutions, whether the problem required creative services, business knowledge or technical expertise. Where many organizations tend to focus in one specialty, I have taken a broader approach so I can see problems from a variety of angles. This breadth of knowledge can help to identify the real problem rather than the symptoms. As in medical diagnoses, the first diagnosis may not always be the correct one. And if you prescribe medication for the wrong illness, you may not be improving the situation. The same is true in researching and diagnosing business and technology problems. Not always is the exact solution apparent, but, by taking a broad view to the problem, you can realize savings in time, money and resources instead of drilling deep into an area that may not actually be the trouble area. Once the problem area is identified, I may make recommendations where specialists could help. Give me a call, and I'll give you honest, practical recommendations, and you can put my value network to work for you.

I look forward to working with you!

Shane Tripcony
President, Tripcony Computer Consulting




Managing content with Contribute
Are you paying a web firm to make minor text and graphic edits to your website? If you know how to use a web browser and Microsoft Word, we can show you how you can edit your own web pages safely and securely. For less than $250, including software, you can be editing your own content without having to hire it out. Contact Tripcony Consulting today, and we'll show you how easy it can be to edit your own website!

Search engine marketing
The web changes every day. About seven to ten years ago, the saying, "If you build it, they will come" was true. Today, that is not the case. New websites appear on the Internet every day. With millions of websites on the web, what makes you think you will get traffic to your website?

We can help. It takes an ongoing effort to build website traffic. Content must be updated periodically, and the site needs to be submitted to the search engines. To maximize your traffic, you need to be listed with the primary search engines as well as links from reputable sites pointing to your website. To optimize your site for the search engines, you need keyword-rich metatags and your text should be written in a manner that is interesting to readers while targetting specific keywords in the copy as well.

Beyond organic search engine marketing, an even faster route to traffic involves managing pay per click campaigns with companies such as Overture and Google. With Tripcony Consulting's help, you can start seeing new traffic on your website immediately with Google Adwords. Let us help you select your targeted keywords and set up your Google Adwords account today.

Online forms made easy
You use paper forms every day in your daily operations. Have you ever thought about putting those forms on the web? Do you think it could make your job or the jobs of your staff easier or more productive? Instead of having to decipher handwriting and faxed forms, send clients to your website and let them enter the data you need. Our online forms methodology allows for data to be stored online for future use as well as emailed to the proper staff members or email accounts.

Tripcony Consulting can help automate your data collection and report generation. Putting a form online does not have to be a huge project. Neither does it have to be expensive. We offer hosted form accounts for reasonable prices. If you have a webhost that supports ASP and Access or SQL, we can install a forms processor on your site for you.

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