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Web Design and Programming Services Tripcony Consulting, Inc. is a small consulting firm specializing in web design and programming services. We primarily serve the small and mid-size business markets. You may be wondering, "Why would I have these people work with my website?" Good question. Tripcony Consulting is a firm committed to helping you succeed on the Internet. We offer practical solutions to business problems and pride ourselves on providing excellent and knowledgeable customer service at a reasonable price. Our relaxed and professional approach to client relations and web development allows us to work closely together and ask the right questions. When you call Tripcony Consulting, you can rest assured you will receive expert advice and web solutions that get results. From designing a small website to helping you implement a database-driven content management system, Tripcony Consulting will be there to help you.

A small company with a large network
Founded in 2000 by Shane Tripcony, MBA, Tripcony Consulting brings a network of professionals to the table with experience in advertising, marketing, graphic design, web programming, business strategy and more. Our network of professionals has spent years working with enterprise-level websites as well as small websites and and many different styles of corporate and non-profit websites.

Shane Tripcony has spent over ten years working with websites and information technology, including very high traffic websites. In 2000 and 2001, he consulted with a startup firm in Boston, MA and developed web presentations that were instrumental in helping realize over $10 million in second round venture capital financing. A track record of success, Tripcony Consulting can help you realize your business goals.

Web Design and Programming Services in ArkansasSearch engine marketing
The web changes every day. About seven to ten years ago, the saying, "If you build it, they will come" was true. Today, that is not the case. New websites appear on the Internet every day. With millions of websites on the web, what makes you think you will get traffic to your website?

We can help. It takes an ongoing effort to build website traffic. Content must be updated periodically, and the site needs to be submitted to the search engines. To maximize your traffic, you need to be listed with the primary search engines as well as links from reputable sites pointing to your website. To optimize your site for the search engines, you need keyword-rich metatags and your text should be written in a manner that is interesting to readers while targetting specific keywords in the copy as well.

Beyond organic search engine marketing, an even faster route to traffic involves managing pay per click campaigns with companies such as Overture and Google. With Tripcony Consulting's help, you can start seeing new traffic on your website immediately with Google Adwords. Let us help you select your targeted keywords and set up your Google Adwords account today.

Stopping spam email
Do you find that you are getting a lot more spam email these days? If you have a website, you may have your email address noted prominently on one or more of the pages. Email spammers love this! Today's email spammer actually pulls your email address from your website and adds it to their mailing list. To help stop the spam, offer a contact form instead. You will still receive email correspondence, but your email adderss will no longer be publicly available for the spammers. Tripcony Consulting can quickly set up a Contact Form for your website. Let us know if we can help end your email spam headache.

P.S. One other tip - if you register for items online, you may want to keep a separate free email address from Yahoo or MSN Hotmail that you use for such occasions. That helps keep your "real" email address spam free.

Helping you realize your vision
When you work with Tripcony Consulting, you get the attention you deserve. We pride ourselves on being a small company that know how to LISTEN to our clients and help them implement their visions.

Solutions that make sense
By focusing on a business model that keeps overhead costs to a minimum, we can pass these savings back on to our clients through affordable rates. We take a common sense approach to projects and work toward meeting our clients' goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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